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CK Series Front End Loaders

Model KL4030C

Manufacturer Kioti

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The KIOTI KL4030C front end loader is specifically designed for the model tractors in the CK10 and CK10SE Series, providing efficient performance with single lever joystick control. The KIOTI loader, with a built-in parking stand, is designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached. KL Series loaders utilize the tractor’s hydraulic system, feature single-lever control with float and come with a bucket level indicator. The KL4030C and KL4030 are both compatible with the KIOTI CK10 and CK10SE Series. For product availability in your region, please see your authorized KIOTI dealer for details. *Specifications may vary with tractor model, front axle configurations, tire size option and type of attachment and are subject to change without notification.

Fits the CK10 and CK10SE Series models. (CK2610/CK2610H/CK3510/CK3510H/CK4010/CK4010H/CK3510SE HC/CK4010SE HC)


  • Low profile design maximizes operator's visibility.

  • Designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached.

  • A built-in parking stand on the front end loader provides quick and easy connection.

  • Mid-mount style frame for engine accessibility.

  • Bucket level indicator is standard.

  • Color complements KIOTI tractor.

Buckeye Valley Equipment Hebron Ohio USA CK Series Front End Loaders KL4030C

CK Series Front End Loaders KL4030C

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Specifications For Model # KL4030C

Maximum Lift Height to Pivot Pin 98.4 in. (2,500 mm)
Maximum Lift Height Under Level Bucket 88 in. (2,234 mm)
Clearance With Bucket Dumped 45 Degrees 74 in. (1,864 mm)
Reach At Maximum Lift Height 11.3 in. (286 mm)
Maximum Dump Angle 48°
Reach With Bucket on Ground 63.4 in. (1,610 mm)
Maximum Rollback Angle 28.5°
Digging Depth Below Grade 4.8 in. (122 mm)
Overall Height in Carry Position 53.1 in. (1,349 mm)
Bucket Depth (Inner Shell) 19.1 in. (485 mm)
Bucket Height 19.7 in. (501 mm)
Bucket Length (Pivot Pin) 24.3 in. (616 mm)
Relief Valve Setting (Loader Control Valve) 2,567 psi
Rated Flow (Tractor System) 6.9 gpm (26.12 L/min)
Lift Capacity at 59.84 in. (1,520 mm) Pivot Pin Height 1,969 lbs. (893 kg)
Breakout Force @ Pivot Pins 2,989 lbs. (1,356 kg)
Approximate Weight (With Bucket) 915-928 lbs. (415-421 kg)
Bucket Capacity (Heaped) 60 in.: 9.5 cu. ft. / 66 in.: 10.2 cu. ft.
Bucket Rollback Force at Ground Line 2,758 lbs. (1,251 kg)
Bucket Sizes Available (QA) 60" / 66"