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Stihl Kombi System KombiSystem

Model 4140 710 7143

Manufacturer Stihl

$ 99

This STIHL KombiSystem shaft extension adds length to your HT pole pruner and HL hedge trimmer attachments.

When tall branches and shrubs are out of reach of your HT and HL KombiSystem cutting attachments, slide in the HT/HL shaft extension. This extender lengthens the shaft by 37 inches and is extremely lightweight (less than 2 lbs.). Its carbon fiber construction is also durable, ensuring it will stand up to your daily cutting routine.


HT and HL KombiSystem cutting attachments

Buckeye Valley Equipment Hebron Ohio USA Stihl Kombi System 4140 710 7143

Stihl Kombi System 4140 710 7143

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Specifications For Model # 4140 710 7143

HT/HL-KM CFK Specifications
WEIGHT Less than 2 lbs.